Forming a Limited Liability Company – The Many Benefits

Forming a business is difficult and stressful work. Once you are established, the rewards typically are well worth it. Because you want to keep your business going strong long after it is created, forming a limited liability company is a smart business move. Not only does this help long term expansion, it also is the best way to protect your assets should anything go awry with your company. There are so many benefits to forming an LLC that you will wonder why more people do not do the same. One benefit is evident before you even get started because you do not need a lawyer to do so, which saves small businesses a lot of money.

The most obvious benefit, and the main reason why most people consider forming a limited liability company is because your assets are protected. There are a lot of people who put their assets on the line in order to start their business. They believe this is the only way they can afford to start the business. If this happened to you, then you also have to realize that you run the risk of losing everything, including personal assets not related to the business, if anything goes wrong. You can prevent all this from happening with an LLC.

Tax benefits are great when forming a limited liability company because of what is called pass-through taxation. This means that your profits only will be taxed once, instead of twice as business and individual earnings. Failure to have an LLC in place causes people to have to pay a lot of money in taxes because it is their personal earnings as well as the business’ earnings. Having an LLC also will protect your business name from being used by other people who want to start a company. This happens because your company name is registered. This is not done with a sole proprietorship.

Another benefit you will find when forming a limited liability company for your small business is that there is not much paperwork. The majority of it even can be done online to further ease the stress. You will have to check with your state and local office because they may have additional paperwork for you. Some cities have additional requirements than what the state mandates. Forming an LLC is a great way to advance your small business to the next level because you will no longer have to risk your assets.

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