LLC Forms – There Are Fewer Forms Than You Think

Most people in the business world have heard at least a minimal amount of information regarding limited liability companies, otherwise known as an LLC. They know it is a great way save money in taxes, as well as the best way to get personal liability protection. What is stopping many of these people is not their desire to form an LLC, but it is their distaste for all the LLC forms they will have to complete. There are a few things wrong with this. The first is that, if something will save your company money and protect you at the same time, you should do it regardless of how much paperwork it has. The second is that there is not much paperwork involved with an LLC.

The LLC forms that are required by your state and local offices actually are limited to a few. There are a few cities that have additional forms that accompany the required ones, but that is not everywhere. The first form you will have to complete is the one where you create your company name so it can be decided whether anyone else is registered under this name. The next form is the articles of organization, which is provided by the state. If you form an LLC using an online kit, they actually will do this step for you.

The next of the LLC forms is the operating agreement. This is where you detail the rights, duties and obligations of all the members. Again, this can be completed by the online kit company if you use them. The next form is the indemnification clause. This is where you actually receive your liability protection. You then will have to fill out the form that creates an employer identification number with the IRS. After this, you basically are done with it comes to forming your LLC.

Because there are so few LLC forms that need completing, it only makes sense to form one to protect yourself and your money in your small business. The best part about all of this is that it all can be done online and the company actually will complete some of the forms for you. There really is no excuse anymore as to why you waited to form an LLC. People actually are offering to do some of your paperwork, which is what everyone despises doing – It is a great move to take advantage of this.

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