Set Up A LLC – Receive the Most Protection Available

The best way to protect your personal and business assets is to set up a LLC, or a limited liability company. You actually receive two types of liability protection that a corporation cannot provide. The protection with which most people are familiar is the personal liability protection. This basically keeps your personal assets separate if you ever were to go to court for your company. No one would be able to go after your house or anything like that because it is not legally part of your LLC company. The other type of protection actually protects your business if you were to go to court for personal reasons.

When you set up a LLC, you automatically receive the personal liability protection that many business owners covet. This protection was not always necessary years ago because there were not as many lawsuits as there are in today’s world. So many people are sue-happy and that increases when they think they will get more money out of someone because they are a business owner. When you are an LLC, the people who take you to court for business reasons only can go after the profits and assets of your actual business. Anything in your personal life is off limits. Although similar protection is offered in a corporation, you have fewer requirements with an LLC.

The other protection that you receive when you set up a LLC is business liability protection. Many people are not aware this exists, but it essentially protects your business assets and profit if your personal life is attacked. This is possible through what is called a charging order provision. This is necessary in today’s world. You could be in something as simple as a car accident and the other driver could take you to court and try to take over your company. Without an LLC, this could happen and you could do nothing about it.

Because you can receive so much protection from doing something as simple as forming this, it only makes sense to set up a LLC. You put your heart and soul into your company, as well as a lot of money, so you might as well do everything you can to protect youself and your company. You actually are able to streamline the process altogether by completing all the forms online using a LLC organization kit. You will have all your paperwork in one place.

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